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Meet Our Team

At the top Mark, Lourdes, Pedro, Cardos, Nouri. At the bottom Lucia y Paje, Juan, Maria.

“Passion for what we do”

Mark is responsible for the Visatex Group’s branch in the USA: Visatex Home. Whenever he comes to visit us, his optimism is spread to all of us. A clear example of kindness and courtesy, he is very communicative with all the people who comprise the team.

Lourdes: she is in charge of Customer Service in the national market. She diligently deals with customers with great care and attention to detail. Her passion for decoration and styling makes her a true professional in terms of customer relationship. Positive and cheerful, she is always ready to celebrate with her colleagues.

Pedro: as a Chief Financial Officer, he fulfils all the necessary requirements for such a position. Disciplined, organised and versatile, he is a great decision-maker. During the mushroom picking season, he loves to organise trips to the moors together with his friends.

Cardos is the life and soul of the party, he always has a joke or a showman imitation to make people laugh. He is a kind of walking encyclopedia who knows all our fabrics and designs. If you have any question, ask Cardos!

Nouri: he is a skilled, professional and methodical salesman. You can tell he is an engineer! He is also fluent in many languages and has a great knowledge of textiles. He loves sharing his ideas with his colleagues and enjoys a job well done.

Lucia: with her, we have a new avant-garde air. She has brought to the office a new colleague who is the most beloved of the company, her pet Paje. Together, they both come to the office every day by bike. Very diligent as a salesperson and a friend of her customers, she is a strong and inspiring woman in her work.

Juan: he is a great professional in the Jacquard weaving Designs sector, with a brilliant career developing fabrics. He gets on well with people and performs his tasks tastefully. Very talkative, he cheers up the Design Department and helps to meet the expectations of his team.

María is a persevering and determined person who always achieves what she sets out to do. She is in charge of managing and organising the creative processes in the Design Department. Clear and transparent, she wins the friendship of all of us.