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Meet our Team

At the top Rafa, Luci, José, Raquel, Pascual. At the bottom Rosa, Soufian.

Every day offers us a new challenge and we like to face it with joy.

Rafa is patient and calm. He leads the weaving area with high responsibility, solving the daily challenges with total serenity. Throughout his textile career, he has managed to settle relationships of trust in his closest circle.

Luci, with her an Argentinian influence came to the Group. Creative and determined, she presents the company’s image in an innovative way. Teamwork is one of her strong points. As a partner and friend, she offers her support with generous courage.

José is the latest addition to the Sales Department, and he is in charge of the national market. With a young injection of optimism, he puts forward proposals that bring great value to the whole team. His closeness along with the customers is undeniable!

Raquel. She carries out large shipments that require special attention. Responsible and efficient, she takes into account all possible export scenarios. With her work she offers the greatest confidence to colleagues and customers.

Pascual, puts all his passion into what he does. From Head of Printing to Warehouse Manager, he has worked in all areas of the Production and Distribution Department. His years of experience help him to set the pace for his entire team.

Rosa, graphic and interior design are her passions. Her wide experience in the world of printing helps the Company to develope and improve each collection. Faced with a new challenge, with just a few seconds of reflection, she comes up with an explosion of ideas that provide inspiration for any project.

Soufian, who started his internship with us when he was only 18 years old and with more than 5 years of experience, his constant commitment has led him to become part of the Quality Department, giving the company full dedication and involvement. Among the values that represent him are kindness and perseverance.

Marta. She works day by day in the Finance Department, always taking care of the smallest detail. She is the female representation of the second generation of the company’s management.