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Meet Our Team

At the top Alberto, Jordi, Rigoberto, Raül, Cristian At the bottom Mila y Sandra.

In times of expansion, a talented team is essential for growth.

Alberto: involved and committed, he transmits security and good work in the Warehouse and Distribution area. Thanks to his expertise, he knows how to perfectly read and adapt to the needs of the company. In short, he is a person who puts his heart into everything he does. An anecdote: he could become a great football coach.

Jordi: he knows our warehouse from A to Z and handles the PDA like nobody else. He is a fundamental pillar of the team. Jordi is positive and cheerful. You will always hear his special singing every morning. A must in the 11.

Rigoberto shows joy, 90% of his body is full of happiness. He is calm and serene. With a positive attitude, he carries out his work in the warehouse diligently. One of his daily habits is to bring warm bread to his colleagues for breakfast. He is a unique person.

Raül joined our team almost a year ago with a tremendous energy and a lot of tasks to do. He is in charge of coordinating the design and production of the swatches. He runs back and forth as often as necessary to successfully complete his work. He doesn’t stop!

Cristian handles and prepares the goods for major exports. Motivated and hard-working, he daily achieves his goals with real tenacity. According to him, he no longer needs to go to the gym, as he has exchanged the fabric rolls for the weight bar.

Mila is one of the new additions to the company’s talent team. She is a lively and cheerful designer, who is in charge of creating unique and personalised prints for our collections. Patient and dedicated, she accomplishes her work with great care and commitment.

Sandra. We keep adding talent to the company! She works in the Jacquard weaving Designs area, where she plans, manages and check the Jacquard samples. She loves fashion and has a good background in Product Design. She is a great support for the department and has a clear vision for improvement.