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Meet our Team

At the top Jairo, Manolo, Claudia, Vicent, Esther. At the bottom Bea, Salva, Toni, Nando.

We are VISATEX Group and together we can achieve our goals.

In each of the Departments, we face new challenges every day to offer you the best textile proposals for your projects.

Let us introduce you to part of our team:

Jairo is that computer specialist that everyone would like to have. With just one phone call he solves all your troubles. Meticulous and analytical, he is responsible for all the company’s software.

Manolo has been working with us since the foundation of our first Warehouse. He is in charge of the bookkeeping and he makes sure that the accounts are balanced. He is passionate about music and plays the trombone.

Claudia: she designs and draws prints daily. Responsible and organised, she is the ideal combination of a designer. A very creative person, agile and committed.

Vicente: his ‘My friend, you know?’ slogan always comes with him. He meets buyers all over the world and takes care of every single tiny detail. His costumers have become great friends.

Esther: she manages shipments worldwide. Rigorous and perfectionist to the smallest detail. Without limits when it comes to communication, she is fluent in multiple languages.

Bea: she successfully combines digital marketing with the compliance of certifications. She loves nature and collects flowers for our company shootings.

Salva has lived the beginnings of our textile Group and he stores in his head the entire company manual. When it refers to Valencian cuisine, there is nothing more emblematic than his ‚Paella‘.

Toni: he leads the manufacture of ready-made products. A true artist of organisation and good work. Decisive and very positive in the face of adversity, he loves trekking and spending time with his friends.

Nando: he is considered by his inner circle as one of the best workers in the company. Serious and responsible, he prepares orders and is in charge of the internal transport, ensuring that everything is delivered on time to its final destination.