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Get to Know our History

We interviewed Vicente Mollá Belda, founder of Grupo Visatex to find out first-hand how the Group came into being.

Vicente, tell us about your professional beginnings.

I started working as a haulier, travelling all over Europe.
With the lorry I spent weeks going from one city to another, back and forth with exhausting days behind the wheel.

So, at what point did you decide to dedicate yourself to the world of fabrics?

I was tired of travelling and being away from home all the time. I consider myself a very family oriented person. I enjoy spending time with family and friends.
Moreover, in this decade the textile industry was booming and I saw the possibility of changing my career path.

How did you start in the textile sector?

I started selling fabrics with a small sample book of only 4 basic colours.
I sold rolls very successfully, at that time, with little supply, a lot was sold.
Then I decided to open a small warehouse in Cocentaina.

How did you make the leap from being a warehouseman to a manufacturer?

With the help of friends, design partners and jacquard professionals, I started developing our own small collection of Jacquard with dyed yarn.
In 1999 a design office was created helping business to grow and a new brand creation.

When did we talk about the start of the Visatex Group’s expansion?

In 2004 my son Santi, joined the team.
We started to travel together to the most important trade fairs in the sector at that time.
Little by little we diversified our textile offer with Jacquard fabrics, prints and special finishes.
For me working with Santi has been a continuous effort focused on Development and Innovation in the world of textiles.

What legacy do you think you have left in Grupo Visatex?

I have always taken care of the relationship with the customer. For me it is very important to be close, to be able to understand, to speak the same language, to understand what they think, what concerns them, and to take them into account in the development of our products.

Thank you Vicente, it has been a pleasure talking to you.

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